About Hydroponics Europe

Hydroponics Europe is a Netherlands based seller of Masterblend Fertilizer and other Hydroponic supplies.

At Hydroponics Europe you can find a ready-to-use hydroponics growth kit, but also our Masterblend 4-18-38 Hydroponic Fertilizer Set.

Hydroponics is a new way of growing vegetables, fruits and herbs that you don’t need a garden or a lot of space for. With hydroponics you can grow your own herbs and vegetables all year round, both indoors and outdoors. Instead of soil, the hydroponics system uses water and minerals. Hydroponics is a very sustainable way of growing that uses 90% less water than plants in soil and also grows a lot faster. In our blog post you can read about why Hydroponics is a form of sustainable agriculture.

How does Hydroponics work?

Hydroponics Growkit

Using the Hydroponics Growkit you get everything you need to start with hydroponics in one go. With this kit you get a hydroponics set with fertilizer and seeds included. Ready to start growing your own herbs and vegetables!

About Masterblend Fertilizer

Masterblend Fertilizer is one of the top notch brands from the US when it comes to Hydroponic farming. Together, Hydroponics Europe and Masterblend International are making professional grade fertilizers available for home growers. Are you looking for good sustainable plant nutrition? Then you can go use our Masterblend nutrients kit. With this kit you get 3 different nutrients and the recipe to mix them into the ultimate plant nutrition. This set contains all the minerals and trace elements your plant needs throughout its life. Masterblend is the most trusted brand worldwide and is carefully imported by Hydroponics Europe from the USA.

Which plants can I grow using Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a very versatile system and works with different plant species. All herbs are suited for the hydroponics system, but also different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Actually all vegetables that grow above the ground are suitable for growing with Hydroponics. In our blog “Five fun and easy plants that you can start growing with Hydroponics” you can read about different plants that are suitable for beginners.

About Hydroponics Europe Customers

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