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Hydroponics for Beginners: Five plants to start with

In this blog we describe 5 plants for beginners that are ideal to start with if you want to start growing hydroponics and still have doubts about which plants are suitable for your first growth. We have listed the following five vegetables for you:

Hydroponics Europe Lettuce

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the most cultivated plants by the hydroponics method and is the perfect beginners hydroponic plant to start with. Lettuce grows super fast and is very easy to grow and likes relatively cool temperatures. Lettuce grows in any type of hydroponics method from Kratky to NFT. If you want to start with hydroponics as a beginner it is definitely recommended to start with lettuce. All types of lettuce are suitable from iceberg lettuce to rocket and red curly lettuce. Lettuce seeds germinate at a relatively low temperature and need a lot of light. High humidity helps the lettuce seeds germinate quickly.

Hydroponics Europe Basil

2. Basil

One of our favorite herbs to grow with hydroponics is Basil. When your basil plant is mature you can occasionally pick the leaves to cook with and let the plant grow. In a hydroponic system your basil plant will stay alive for a long time and will last much longer than your average herb pots at the supermarket. So you will always have fresh basil for your dishes. Basil likes a lot of light and warmer temperatures for optimal growth.

Hydroponics Europe Spinach

3. Spinach

Spinach is tasty to eat raw as well as in your dishes and is a very popular veggie to grow. Spinach is a plant that thrives in colder temperatures but can also be grown in warmer temperatures. In addition, spinach does not need a lot of light to grow, which makes it an ideal vegetable for beginners. You can harvest a few leaves at a time or all at once.

Hydroponics Europe Bok Choy

4. Bok Choy

Bok choy is a surprising but simple plant to grow in your hydro system. Bok choy has thick stems that hold a lot of water and is very tasty in various Asian dishes. Bok choy grows best at lower temperatures and can therefore grows well at room temperature. Because Bok choy has quite large stems and leaves it absorbs a lot of water so check the water level of your system regularly.

Hydroponics Europe Peppers Habaneros

5. Chili peppers

Different pepper varieties are very nice to cultivate on hydroponics but perhaps the least simple from this list. In recent years growing peppers has become a real hype and certainly the extra spicy varieties are very popular. Growing peppers is best at warmer temperatures and require lot of light. There are whole manuals written about how best to grow peppers. Nice strains to grow are: Cayenne, Habanero chocolate, Serrano, Caloro Yellow, Tondo Rosso Papecchia, Jalapeño.

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  1. hi I am a beginner and have a question shall i change the whole container 5 l every 2,3, or 4 weeks

    (example 5L Hydroponics Container)


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