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Solid or liquid Hydroponic nutrients?

Many hydroponic growers struggle more often with this question: What nutrients should I use for my Hydroponics system? One of the most used questions is whether to use solid or liquid hydroponic nutrients. A number of producers and webshops offer different products from dry solid or liquid hydroponic nutrients.

Liquid nutrients:

Liquid nutrients are often used in hydroponics. When you look at the different products in the market for the hobby hydroponics grower, most of them are liquid. There are a number of good reasons for this: Liquid food is easy to dose, pour and mix.

Solid nutrients:

Highly soluble crystal or powdered fertilizers can provide a good alternative to liquid nutrients. They take up less space than liquid nutrients which contain a relatively large amount of water, so you buy the same amount of nutrients in a much lighter package. This saves on both shipping and packaging costs. Especially when the quantities are larger and shipments are going cross border these differences are significant. Actually you are paying to transport and package water. In the beginning it might be a bit more difficult to dose the different components individually, but the big advantage lies in the costs, which are about 3 to 4 times more economical with solid nutrients than with a liquid alternative for the same nutrient composition.


Masterblend 4-18-38 kit (solid)Liquid Nutrients
Price per 100 liter (incl shipment)€ 2,04 to € 3,41€ 7,47
Recommended dosage per 100 liter132 gram340 mL
Price per package€ 14,99 (1 kg)€ 17,95 
Shipment costs€ 3,95€ 6,95
Total price€ 18,94€ 24,90
Number of liters per package757441

Compared to Masterblend, the liquid food is more than 3.5 times more expensive and equally as effective! In our shop page you can find different Masterblend packages to get started!

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