Growing plants with hydroponics

5 Tips for growing plants with hydroponics easy and efficiently.

Growing plants with hydroponics

Growing plants with hydroponics in a hydroponic system is currently popular among gardeners. Hydroponics is a system in which plants grow on water and by adding nutrients to the water the plant develops. Hydroponics is a growing system that is easily and efficiently for beginners. For more information on how to start with hydroponics, you can read the blog: Starting with hydroponics: a short guide. To grow plants efficiently with hydroponics it is important to apply the tips below.  

Tip 1: Choose the plant you want to grow wisely.

There are several plants that can grow efficiently in a hydroponic system. Often beginners grow vegetables when starting hydroponics. The most common vegetables that are easy to grow are green vegetables such as lettuce and herbs. These are plants that grow quickly, so a potential crop failure can be noticed soon in the process. As a result, you run less risk of the final crop failing. Advanced growers may choose a plant that takes longer to develop. This will then be a tomato, pepper or cucumber plant.

Tip 2: Use good-quality nutrients.

The right quality of nutrients is important in growing plants efficiently. The Masterblend packages are carefully formulated for you. The ratio of macro and micronutrients in Masterblend’s 4-18-38 fertilizer is in perfect balance so this nutrient can be provided to most plants. See the Masterblend 4-18-38 in the webshop: Masterblend 4-18-38 Hydroponic Fertilizer Set | 0.75-8 kg. A bag of Masterblend can if properly protected from light and temperature changes maintain quality for several years in storage.

Tip 3: The right ambient temperature.

The optimal growth of a plant occurs when it grows at the right ambient temperature. We recommend you to grow the plant in a hydroponics system at room temperature, but optimal conditions can vary per plant, a paper plant likes a warmer climate than for example lettuce. The placement of a plant at room temperature increases the rate of photosynthesis and transport of sugars in the plant. This leads to a faster growth. At night, the temperature will need to be cooler so that the plant has a rest period where it can breath.

Tip 4: Make sure the nutrients fully absorb in the water.

Plants grown in a hydroponics system will need to have enough water available at all times. It is important that the nutrients will fully absorb in the water and that they do not eventually show up at the bottom of the container the plant is growing in. A pump could possibly help to ensure that oxygen gets to the roots of the plant. This pump can run continuously, but with small-scale growth, we recommend to add pauses in between. The so-called air pumps are easy to place directly in the water tank.

Tip 5: Make sure the plant receives enough light.

Light is very important for the development of your plant. In fact, light is essential for the photosynthesis process and ensures that the plant has the energy to make sugars that help the plant grow. In other words, enough daylight keeps photosynthesis going. So it is important that you place the plant near a window where it can receive enough daylight, such as the windowsill. The optimal number of light hours for a plant to grow is about 16 hours per day. This mimics the number of light hours in spring. If the plant receives less light it is not always a bad thing but growth will be a little slower.


Growing plants with hydroponics, depends on various factors. The grower has to choose a plant that suits to his experience and has to make sure to use the right quality Masterblend nutrients. Also, the plant will need to be in an environment where it is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius, that the grower does not add an excess or insufficient nutrients to the water, and the plant has to receive enough light. If you as a grower of a hydroponics system combine these 5 tips, your plant will grow optimally.

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