FAQ – Masterblend nutrients

How often do I need to add the nutrients?

How often you should add nutrients depends on the plant you are growing and how long it takes for them to take up the nutrients. The main mixing instructions can be read when clicking the following link: Mixing Instructions.

Do the nutrients expire?

The nutrients that we sell do not expire when stored properly. This means that the nutrients should be stored in a cool and dark space and the bag they come in needs to be closed from the air when stored. Storing the product for a longer period of time will not decrease the quality of the nutrients.

How should I store the product?

The product should be stored in a cool, dark and airtight place. Some nutrients like Calcium nitrate are hydrophilic so they attract moisture, therefore, being in contact with open air and humidity should be prevented. Therefore, it is important to close the bag with the nutrients properly or store the product in an airtight box.

Do you sell Masterblend 4-18-38 Tomato formula?

Yes. Link: Masterblend 4-18-38 Hydroponic Fertilizer | 25 lbs / 11.3 kg

Do you sell Masterblend 8-15-36 Lettuce formula?

Yes! You can buy it by clicking here!

Do you sell Masterblend 9-12-34 Strawberry formula?

Unfortunately we do not carry Masterblend 9-12-34 Strawberry Formula. It contains a mixture of components that have been classified as a hazardous oxidizing good so it is too expensive to ship in small quantities. For growing strawberries, we recommend Masterblend’s 4-18-38 Tomato Formula, which has been tested to work very well with multiple strawberry varieties. 

Do you sell Masterblend 5-11-26 Hydroponic formula?

At the moment we do not have the 5-11-26 Hydroponic formula. In order to grow hyrdroponics we recommend our 4-18-38 which is very well suited for this.

Why are the packages separated?

The packages store nutrients separately because the nutrients need to be added to the water at varying moments. When the nutrients from the packages are stored together in one bag, nutrient lockout can occur, which causes insoluble particles and therefore the nutrient mix becomes incomplete.

Is Masterblend available in liquid form?

Masterblend is available in solid form. We provide Masterblend nutrients in solid form for various reasons. Solid nutrients are cheaper than liquid nutrients. The solid form takes up less space and weight during shipping than liquid nutrients which contain a relatively large amount of water, so you buy the same amount of nutrients in a much lighter package. This way we ensure optimal shipping weights and the best prices in terms of shipping for you as a customer. This makes solid packages also easier to store. A blog regarding this topic can be found via the following link: Solid or liquid Hydroponic nutrients?

Can Masterblend be used for plants growing in soil?

Yes, Materblend nutrients can be used for plants growing in soil or potted plants. Masterblend is originally designed for hydroponic systems. Though plants growing in soil can take up nutrients from the Masterblend packages and respond very well to them. 

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